May 4th. 2019
New product
EZ install X2 Tach.

Batter powered, self contained.

No wiring to run!

Momentary contact switch for maximum battery life.

New product releas

February 1st. 2019

There has been a few power supply problems. Nothing serious and it falls under the 90 day warranty.

If your out of warranty we have a solution. You can change the part yourself for $2 or a power supply for $5.
A pop and smoke.
A capacitor to eliminate voltage ripple was defective or labeled wrong.
Under Warranty: Request to return it.
Out of warranty: Repairable it your self or buy a replacement.


February 1st. 2019

New Product: The Step Generator Board.
Use it to build projects where you want to use a stepper motor but don't want the bother of software, programming or G-Code. 
I am currently using one in my mini mill power feed. The advantages are high torque at low speeds for larger vutters on the mini mill and becaise you are not manullay cranking the hand wheel you get a better finish cut.
My future uses will include a stepper powered linear slide to make straight cuts with a plasma cutter while being able to control the speed for nice cleav cuts.  



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