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May 18th 2020
I will occasionally sell a power feed either here or on eBay. I am still working up the final design. All are basically the same, only the cases will differ.

All kits on the site are black original kits with 12 volt power supplies.

All kits other types are available on eBay. That is LMS HiTorq and battery powered.

Waiting for surgery.
Due to nationwide nuttiness I have put off surgery until after September. We are fully open for business until then.

Stay away from others, avoid the human Petri dishes known as children when possible... Take care of yourselves.

March 3rd 2020
Kits are all now GEN 4
All kits now use clamping iron rings for the magnet. It lowered the time to make the kits and I reflect it in the pricing. I belive it o be an upgrade as it makes positioning easier and retains it's position better.

May 4th. 2019
New product
EZ install X2 Tach.

Batter powered, self contained.

No wiring to run!

Momentary contact switch for maximum battery life.

February 1st. 2019

New Product: The Step Generator Board.

Use it to build projects where you want to use a stepper motor but don't want the bother of software, programming or G-Code. 

I am currently using one in my mini mill power feed. The advantages are high torque at low speeds for larger vutters on the mini mill and becaise you are not manullay cranking the hand wheel you get a better finish cut.

My future uses will include a stepper powered linear slide to make straight cuts with a plasma cutter while being able to control the speed for nice cleav cuts.  

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